Real control-surface forces sent to any Force-Feedback capable joystick or pedals

No need to manually change .acf files to enable forces

With other force plugins, you need to edit each and every aircraft that you want to fly because most of them don't support force feedback. With XPForce there's no need to do this, it has full support for creating realistic forces based on physical characteristics of the aircraft.

Full simulation of forces in realtime

Will use forces provided by X-Plane for force-enabled aircraft, at your choice

Fully configurable force strengths

Save configuration for each aircraft, or defaults to apply to all aircraft

Once you've got your aircraft set up just the way you like it, you can choose to save those settings for this specific aircraft, or as 'global' defaults that will get used if nothing more specific is found. If you change aircraft, the most appropriate settings are loaded automatically.

Easily share force settings

Since each aircraft can have it's own settings, it's easy to share these with others. They are stored in simple files and these can be packaged up with aircraft or sent to others any way you like.