Latest Version: 1.0.7133 (History)
Real Control-surface Forces
Physical effects for the aircraft's control surfaces are recalculated in real-time.
No Hacking of Aircraft Definitions
Most .acf files have no information about control surface forces. XPForce can use these if they are present, but will do all calculations without them.
Fully Configurable
Each of the forces and effects can be tailored to your preference using an in-sim editor.
One Configuration Per Aircraft
You can have one setup which covers all aircraft, or customise each aircraft type differently. The most appropriate setup will be used automatically.
Easily Share Configurations
Once you have your setup perfected you can share it with friends simply by sending them a file.
Free Trial Available
Try it out at no risk whatsoever!
XPForce is a plugin for X-Plane from Laminar Research. XPForce adds support for force-feedback joysticks, yokes and pedals on Windows!

Linux support existed in the past but is not currently maintained due to lack of interest. If this changes it will be listed here. Mac support is sadly not possible because of the lack of any force-enabled drivers at all.

X-Plane has long offered support for force-feedback but this depended on separate, 3rd-party software to actually communicate with the force feedback joysticks. It also only works if each individual aircraft was built to support force-feedback. Sadly, most aircraft available seem not to have this support.

This plugin adds the essential hardware support on Windows, but also bypasses the need to modify each of your aircraft files to support forces. It will use X-Plane’s ‘native’ force support if the aircraft is built for it, but if not then the plugin will use internal calculations for forces.


XPlane 9 or newer
Windows 32-bit or 64-bit
A supported Force-enabled Controller
Except for the Saitek EVO Force because the 64-bit drivers are broken.