Kobold – Bad Elf GPS for Android

Kobold – Bad Elf GPS for Android


Control, configure and download tracks from your Bad Elf GPS.

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Latest Version: 1.0.7202
Configure your GPS
If it's configurable from Bad Elf's own iPhone app, it's configurable in Kobold.
Download and Delete Tracks
No more having your device fill up while you're away.
Easy Sharing
Send any of your tracks to anywhere - email, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox...
Realtime Map Display
Show a track of your current trip, and overlay tracks from previous trips too.
Calibrate the Barometer
Use a web service to get the local pressure, or just enter values yourself. Easier than on the GPS!
Control the Logger
Start and stop the logger, and add a Point of Interest, from your phone.
Kobold is not provided or supported by Bad Elf llc. Please do not contact Bad Elf for support.
If you have a Bad Elf GPS, your only option for configuring it is to buy an iPhone. Bad Elf only provide an iOS app, and all configuration and even downloading tracks is only possible with their app.

Or Kobold.

This is a direct replacement for the official Bad Elf app, for Android. All of the configuration options in the official app are supported by Kobold. You can also download and delete tracks to free up space, essential if you're using it as a travel recorder or for geotagging.


Any Android phone or tablet with Bluetooth
Android 5.0 or newer
A Bad Elf GPS Pro or Pro+ GPS device
Kobold Privacy Policy (in short, we have access to nothing).

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