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Kobold Privacy Policy

The Kobold GPS app requests no sensitive access to your device. Specifically it makes no requests to access your phone app, accounts, contacts, camera, or microphone. It does request "Coarse Location" because this is required to display a Google Map centered on your location even when no external GPS is attached.
Personal Information
The app requests no personal information from you in any way. None of your information, which it doesn't collect in the first place, is transmitted to any remote server except Google (see below). It does not use your "Android Advertising ID" - there are no adverts.
App Diagnostics
Anonymous app usage information and diagnostics are sent from the app directly to Google using the "Fabric Crashlytics" and "Fabric Answers" diagnostic kits. Full information is available here. Specifically, the app's "installation UUID", which is assigned by Google and only identifiable by Google, is transmitted to Google (Fabric is entirely owned by Google).

The information transmitted in the event of an error will be a description of the error itself, the Bad Elf device type and firmware version and, depending on the type of error, a small amount of data recently exchanged between the Android and Bad Elf devices.