EVA – Elite:Dangerous Virtual Assistant

EVA – Elite:Dangerous Virtual Assistant


Use your phone or tablet as a real pilot’s kneeboard and trade computer for Elite:Dangerous.

Android: Latest Version: 1.0.7209
iOS: Latest Version: 1.0.7145
Trade Computer
A multi-mode trade computer helps you find the best deals in your area. Find the best single trades, list nearby commodities and find the best multi-stop trade routes.
Automatic Updates
All the data about commodities, prices and ship components is downloaded in realtime while EVA is running.
A Real Pilot's Kneeboard
All of the information you need as a pilot at your fingertips, without needing a second monitor for your PC!
Complex Trade Guidance
EVA will give you speech guidance as you fly a stored trade route, reminding you where to go and what should happen next.
Integration with Online Services
Optionally send data to EDDN and EDSM. Support for INARA is planned too.
Built in Navigation Log
See full details of where you've been, including an interactive 3D map.
Elite:Dangerous Virtual Assistant - EVA - is your in-flight trade computer. Keep track of where you've been, find out where you want to go, and work out the best single trades, or circular trade routes, all from your iPhone or iPad. Real pilots use kneeboards to have all the necessary information to hand, and this is what EVA is designed to be!

EVA links to Elite:Dangerous on a PC or Mac to get your CMDR information and follows your progress across the galaxy, letting you know what's happening and ready for you when you need information. If you play on a console you can still use EVA as a full-featured trade computer.

The trade computer will work out the best point-to-point or round-trip trades from any location you choose, and these routes can be saved so you can return to them later. Find the best places nearby to buy or sell any commodity, and filter your results by landing pad size or the distance from the jump point to the station.

EVA receives realtime updates for commodity prices and availability while it's running, and you can choose to do a manual update of the trade database anytime you like so you never have to rely on out-of-date trade information.


An Apple or Android mobile or tablet device
Android 4.4 or iOS 8 (or better)
A copy of Elite:Dangerous
Only the trade computer works for console copies of Elite:Dangerous
Much improved functionality with EDProxy 2.4.0 or better installed.

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