Privacy Policy

Your data is your data.
For the service to work, a copy of your photo that is large enough for the artificial intelligence (AI) to “see” needs to be uploaded to our servers. The photo that is sent is a reduced size copy (currently 512 pixels on the longest side), and it is sent to us over a secure channel. From there it is sent to several third party AI services, also over secure channels. At no time is your photo visible online to anyone else, even with an obscure link.

The AI services used will receive all photos completely anonymously. The purpose of the service is for your photos to be scanned for content, but Lightroom Keywords does not perform any checking for illegal or immoral content. Third-party image recognition services may do this at their discretion, depending on local law enforcement requirements. Lightroom Keywords acts as a conduit for your photos and associated data and will not be held responsible for any illegal image content discovered by our AI partners.

Your personal data is not shared with anyone, for any reason, except in response to specific and validated demands from legal authorities.

Payments are handled entirely by PayPal, including credit-card payments, over a secure channel. Lightroom Keywords has no access to any of your payment details at any time.