Mission Editor

What does this add to the Object Placement Tool?
The Mission Editor is a graphical mission editor which allows you to build, modify and debug your missions interactively. The Object Placement Tool (OPT), provided with the simulator, only shows you lists and has no debugging or error-checking capabilities.
Who are MAG?
MAG are a charity based in the UK who work to make abandoned minefields and other discarded munitions safe, so that local people can resume their lives. I have supported them for some time and have decided to give a part of each sale of the Mission Editor to them.
Can I use third-party aircraft?
The Mission Editor adapts itself to whatever aircraft or other user-controllable craft you have installed. They will all appear in the Mission Wizard and other lists whether they are provided with the simulator or not.


Can I use the FSX Mission Editor against Prepar3D?
No. The license prohibits this, and the program will expect to see many files belonging to the appropriate simulator. Without these files, it cannot work correctly.
Can I distribute the missions I create?
Up to a point, yes. If you are giving your work away for free or for a small sum (i.e. USD $10 or less) then you can use the public version of the editor to do this. If you are selling your missions for a greater amount than $10, you must contact the publisher at to request a commercial use license.


Can I distribute the missions I create?
Yes, you can. The license for the Prepar3D version of the mission editor explicitly allows you to distribute or sell your work.