Recent Changes

Changes in XPForce V1.0.7133

Date Change
29 June 2018 Add effect of gravity on elevator when at very low speed.
29 June 2018 Explicitly reset the center position on shutdown for MS Sidewinder.
29 June 2018 Fix fake acceleration force and hydraulic failure effects.
24 June 2018 Separate controls for pitch/roll/yaw exaggeration and strength.
24 June 2018 Improved control surface feedback.
24 June 2018 Use tabs for control/effect/monitor settings.
23 June 2018 Better feedback when on different ground surfaces.
21 June 2018 Use coefficient instead of saturation for calculating stick center.
21 June 2018 Explicitly clear out any previous effects when starting and stopping instead of relying on RESET to do it.
23 February 2016 Fix a crash when checking for updates
20 February 2015 Fix reassigning joystick axes between two different physical devices
18 February 2015 Better support of autopilot forces for Iris Dynamics
17 February 2015 Fix oscillations on some aircraft for Iris Dynamics
17 February 2015 Fix gear-down and airbrake turbulence for Iris Dynamics
17 February 2015 Fix pitch/roll axis inversion on some controllers
15 February 2015 Reduce CPU usage
15 February 2015 Prevent endless logging of the same error
18 January 2015 Fix oscillation in aircraft with artificial stability systems when there is a crosswind
13 January 2015 Speedbrake turbulence strength setting was not being saved
11 January 2015 Improve landing gear bumpiness to deal with larger aircraft better
11 January 2015 Fix a crash on joysticks providing three force-enabled axes
08 January 2015 Fix display problems with drop-down lists
08 January 2015 Add optional automatic update checks
07 January 2015 Fix crash on shutdown for certain processor types
03 January 2015 Fix landing gear bumps
03 January 2015 Fix possible juddering on some processors
30 December 2014 Fix strong force effect on initial load
30 December 2014 Fix occasional crash when the active window is changed to one outside of X-Plane
20 December 2014 Support for multi-engine propwash
19 December 2014 Make aerodynamic forces sensitive to airspeed with multi-engine aircraft
19 December 2014 Make re-acquiring joystick control faster in foreground-only mode
15 November 2014 Rescan the window list every time the joystick is lost - possible fix for crash on task switch
27 October 2014 Add ability to retain forces with XPlane in the background
26 February 2014 Double the range of the "Gear Bumpiness" slider
03 June 2013 Release