Recent Changes

Changes in FSX Mission Editor 2 V2.0.7501

Date Change
11 November 2018 Fix a bug where deleting a node attached to a special action didn't always remove the reference correctly.
26 October 2018 Fix a bug where orphaned debug actions were causing a crash during load.
13 October 2018 Fix a problem where loading flights with certain aircraft would see the aircraft spinning on the runway due to a FSX bug
28 September 2018 Correct the list of variables and datatypes availble to P3D
28 September 2018 Add missing default colours for P3D SCRIPTTRIGGER
28 September 2018 Fix a crash when loading a large mission which has a layout XML file in trial mode.
16 August 2018 Fix automatic reselection of the previous aircraft type in Wizard
16 August 2018 Fix unlinked customactions when creating a wizard mission and using simvar to control the autopilot.
06 August 2018 Remove .PLN extension from flightplan name in FLT file.
20 July 2018 Fix a crash when a custom simconnect.cfg is present.
20 July 2018 Fix saving of flight plans.
19 July 2018 Work around a sim bug where jets would go into an instant spin if one of the fuel tanks wasn't specified in the FLT file...
19 July 2018 Add ability to choose weather type and theme.
02 July 2018 Offer to remove nodes not supported on the current sim when saving and on a menu.
02 July 2018 Fix bug where node titles could overlap the boundaries.
29 June 2018 Add "WPT FLYTO" syntax message to SimVar.
29 June 2018 Fix an occasional hang on startup when the simulator is already running and sending SimConnect events.
26 June 2018 Don't show an error for comparisons between "Number" and number-based datatypes.
26 June 2018 Property conitions will assume a datasource of "User" unless told otherwise in the XML.
26 June 2018 Fix an bug where conditions that didn't have a logic group as the top level were not loaded.
26 June 2018 Error dialog was showing nodes without errors since the fix for missing list items
26 June 2018 Remove incorrect InstanceID check for Waypoints.
22 June 2018 Fix generation of attachpoint lists for models in BGLs.
22 June 2018 Fix an unnecessary message when the auto-save timer kicks in with no loaded document.
22 June 2018 Provide a default value for the MSI output file the first time it is created.
21 June 2018 Fix list-based dialog items not appearing if the comment was empty.
20 June 2018 Fix banner image in MSI deployment dialog on High-DPI screens.
20 June 2018 Fix colours of debug/trace node indicators.
20 June 2018 Fix adding debug and trace nodes for non-FSW sims.
20 June 2018 Reinstate the units for elevation in the Mission Wizard
19 June 2018 Change icons for FSX editor
10 June 2018 Fix the visual display manager dropdown not showing the correct value.
09 June 2018 Fix the case where an IF with a THEN action of itself would loop forever, even when the mission was paused or ended.
08 June 2018 Mission Wizard now correctly remembers the aircraft choice from the previous run.
08 June 2018 Add ability to read FSR recordings for all sims.
07 June 2018 The toolbar has larger buttons.
07 June 2018 Add option for light, dark and custom colour themes.
01 June 2018 Wizard-generated complex missions had the source airport elevation in the pre-landing dialog text.
30 May 2018 Fix Wizard setting the AreaRectangle altitude to absolute instead of AGL for airport landings.
28 May 2018 Fix some potential crashes when opening some filetypes.
19 August 2007 MD: Make MSI aware of mission compatibility level, maybe use SimConnect version
15 May 2018 Fix crash when changing sim type and SimConnect is connected
15 May 2018 Drag/dropped nodes all get attached when they're dropped on the node not the attribute dialog
15 May 2018 Fix simvar debug console on Windows 10
15 May 2018 Fix multiple-entry strings with a default value
11 May 2018 Fix bug where reading enum lists with sim-type filter would clear previously loaded lists
11 May 2018 When loading a mission, don't auto-select a compatibility level if that sim's data is not available.
10 May 2018 Several potential crash fixes when no sim data is available
10 May 2018 Fix incorrect error when using the mission wizard with ICAO codes
09 May 2018 Fix model viewer showing empty models after having changed sim compatibility
09 May 2018 Make error messages more consistent for conditions
09 May 2018 Fix crash when the model browser is open an the sim compatibility type is changed.
27 April 2018 Use HTTPS when getting update notifications.
27 April 2018 Hide repeated warnings about missing files on initial load
22 April 2018 Use full simvar list for P3D conditions
22 April 2018 Use correct display name for Reference-type conditions
22 April 2018 Numerous fixes for Prepar3D compatibility
18 April 2018 Use the correct path for the reward compiler on FSW
17 April 2018 Don't regenerate scenery database when switching between sims
13 April 2018 Fix incorrect error message when creating folder
12 April 2018 Compatibility changes. Fix rewards (was saving instanceId instead of rewardId)
11 April 2018 P3D4 compatibility.
09 April 2018 Fix potential crash on shutdown.
06 April 2018 Update purchase/support URLs
06 April 2018 Fix crash if named FLT file is missing and no others exist when loading a mission
06 April 2018 Fix crash if a list used in a multi-select textbox was empty
06 April 2018 Fix crash where it is assumed that models have layers
09 August 2007 MD: Resizable dialogs
09 August 2007 MD: Option to not show 'Internal' values
08 August 2007 MD: Make default Compat level equal to the available version of SimConnect
08 August 2007 MD: Multi-select list control for "Allowable Container List" class
07 August 2007 MD: Ability to choose compatibility level (i.e. RTM, SP1, Accel)
07 August 2007 MD: Either query available SimConnect manifests or have list i.e. RTM, SP1, Accel
07 August 2007 MD: Add a way of adding licence key after it has expired
22 July 2007 MD: Can't select nodes which are connected via substructs
21 July 2007 MD: Add ability to link to reference conditionals
21 July 2007 MD: On Sending coords to FSX, set external view, slew mode and pause
21 July 2007 MD: Add 'Breakpoints', Debug callbacks which pause FSX and bring ME to front
19 July 2007 MD: Check for default .xml extension when saving a new mission
11 July 2007 MD: Add a template for Mission Brief, .FLT and .WX files
10 July 2007 MD: If .FLT exists with no Mission section, add one
08 July 2007 MD: Do something with legend display
06 July 2007 MD: Application installer
19 June 2007 MD: On reloading the trace being able to step through event by event would be very useful.
09 June 2007 MD: Add progress bar to 'Regenerate BGL data lists'
14 May 2007 MD: Add 'overview' window
28 April 2007 MD: Parent validity checks depend on visible layout
28 April 2007 MD: Check order of output and merge multi-line data
14 April 2007 MD: In titles-only mode add a label to the lines leading to subnodes
31 March 2007 MD: Make layout of AttribStructs recursive
19 May 2013 Add FLYTO mode for WPT SimVar command - allow sending AIs to specific location instead of relative to another aircraft.
18 May 2013 Bugfix: SimVar could access the wrong variable value in some circumstances where similar variable names were used, depending on the order of creation.
09 August 2012 Wasn't reading GATHER interval correctly
08 August 2012 Add ability to use PROFILE command on arbitrary aircraft instead of just the player's aircraft.
07 August 2012 Incorrect command template for Simvar Gather
06 August 2012 Clear old GATHER data from memory when using PROFILENAME command
06 August 2012 Profile was not being saved if only GATHER command was used without PROFILE command or SAVEONCHANGE command
09 July 2012 Fix connection problems for Prepar3D
28 May 2012 Fix for detection of modified user profiles