Recent Changes

Changes in EVA (iOS) V1.0.7145

Date Change
03 July 2018 Check for a new enough version of EDProxy on startup.
03 July 2018 Fix handling of some multi-part ship names.
03 July 2018 Show the player's ship name on the Ships page.
02 July 2018 Update local prices if new data is received while still docked at the same station.
02 July 2018 Increase trade-route radius from 30Ly to 50Ly
02 July 2018 Bugfix - new commodity data was not being made available immediately.
13 June 2018 Fix bug report log data.
01 June 2018 Support more than 4 billion credits(!)
03 April 2018 Don't send EDSM data when loading a saved profile on startup.
01 April 2018 Fix a crash when receiving unexpected results from EDSM.
01 April 2018 Work around iOS 11 crashes
10 October 2017 Fix a potential long delay on startup if most of the stored prices are very old.
10 October 2017 Fix problems with refresh button
05 October 2017 Changes for updated Companion API and EDDB API
05 October 2017 Add explicit message when Frontier's servers are in maintenance mode.
07 April 2017 Add option to erase local EDSM history, forcing a full re-download
07 April 2017 Add support for mount type in weapons screen.
07 April 2017 Fix for EDSM changes where visit history was no longer being downloaded.
26 January 2017 Support localization for Settings page
26 January 2017 Performance improvements to database clean on startup.
26 January 2017 Allow language to be chosen independently of device language
17 January 2017 Automatically show current ship when a new ship is boarded
16 January 2017 Fix initial database setup (broken in last release)
05 January 2017 Fix 'supply' values, add supply/demand to price lists
13 December 2016 Fix "Admiral" federation rank text (was "Outsider")
05 December 2016 Fix crash on CMDR page when CMDR is in debt
27 November 2016 Fix crash when trying to send emails where no email accounts are set up.
27 November 2016 Possible fix for rare crash when calculating trade routes
27 November 2016 Fix crash related to unexpected data received from Frontier's servers
27 November 2016 Fix several crashes related to languages
26 November 2016 Fix switches in Settings
25 November 2016 Fix swap source/target trade systems
20 November 2016 Add German, French and Spanish translations!
19 November 2016 Add the device name and iOS version to bug reports.
15 November 2016 Fix receiving EDDN data
12 November 2016 Send profile data to EDSM if enabled
07 November 2016 Fix display of ship names in Ships tab
07 November 2016 Fix height of dropdown lists
07 November 2016 Can choose whether or not to upload visits to EDSM, independent of downloading visits and sending/receiving comments
07 November 2016 Add option to prevent visits from being sent to EDSM
07 November 2016 Add "Supply" for commodities to the trade results
06 November 2016 Send coordinates for visited star systems to EDSM, if they are known
24 September 2016 Clearer message about initial database.
24 September 2016 Fix bug where system coordinates were looked up on every start
24 September 2016 Different method of getting module names
23 September 2016 Add mount type to weapon name
20 September 2016 EVA: Fix "worth" calculation for ships which have been sold.
12 September 2016 Fix bulk download of prices due to recent change at EDDN
12 September 2016 Coordinates for unknown star systems are fetched immediately after downloading EDSM history.
11 September 2016 Add version number to prefs screen.
05 September 2016 Fix potential crash when assigning a commodity bookmark.
09 August 2016 When creating a Station bookmark, use the station name as default.
09 August 2016 Fix (unlikely) potential deadlock when sending star position data to EDSM
09 August 2016 Fix potential crash when reading module data
09 August 2016 Fix crash on downloading systems from EDDN.
09 August 2016 Add two missing weapons from 2.1 release
06 May 2016 EVA: Handle multiple CMDR accounts
05 May 2016 EVA: Add 3D nav log display
05 May 2016 EVA: Merge star visits when downloading from EDSM instead of replacing.
05 May 2016 Add power-specific weapon classes