Recent Changes

Changes in EVA (Android) V1.0.7209

Date Change
19 July 2018 Fix frequent non-connection to EDProxy in release builds.
19 July 2018 Fix old prices not being deleted.
19 July 2018 Fix IP address input box for EDProxy.
18 July 2018 Fuel warnings now give the actual amount instead of either 25% or 50%.
18 July 2018 Add a warning if EDProxy is not available.
18 July 2018 Fix fuel warnings not being given.
18 July 2018 Try harder to reconnect to EDProxy.
16 July 2018 Send journal entries to EDSM.
16 July 2018 Show distance information for the current commander.
16 July 2018 Use an ellipsis at the end of text where needed.
15 July 2018 Fix very rare crash when checking for duplicate visits to systems.
05 July 2018 Use more intuitive values for engineer mod percentages.
05 July 2018 Fix handling of some multi-part ship names.
05 July 2018 Show the player's ship name on the Ships page.
05 July 2018 Update local prices if new data is received while still docked at the same station.
05 July 2018 Increase trade-route radius from 30Ly to 50Ly
05 July 2018 Fix recording of debt values
30 May 2018 Allow more than 4 billion credit
05 October 2017 Processing of downloaded commodity data is much faster
05 October 2017 Remove screen size warning on some Samsung phones
05 October 2017 Changes for updated Companion API and EDDB API
26 June 2017 Add explicit message when Frontier's servers are in maintenance mode.
24 June 2017 Submit journal data to EDDB
23 June 2017 Change EDDN uploading so that it can only go on receipt of data from Frontier. Use the remote server timestamp.
31 March 2017 Add option to erase local EDSM history, forcing a full re-download
31 March 2017 Fix for EDSM changes where visit history was no longer being downloaded.
29 March 2017 Add Pitch/Rate controls to speech settings
28 March 2017 Rewrite of speech - now supports multiple engines
25 March 2017 Hide RefreshTimeout by default - was visible for XBox accounts
14 March 2017 Fix bug report text
14 March 2017 Fix font sizes in grid when non-standard text size is set.
17 January 2017 Automatically show current ship when a new ship is boarded
17 January 2017 Change PowerPlay text
06 January 2017 Potential fix for occasional crash in trade results page
05 January 2017 Fix 'supply' values, add supply/demand to price lists
04 January 2017 Fix a bug where bookmarked items disappeared when prices were updated
03 January 2017 When setting a bookmark active, refresh the bookmark list immediately
03 January 2017 Profit was multiplied by hold size twice when showing bookmark contents
03 January 2017 Clear message when EDProxy manual override IP address is not in the correct format (
03 January 2017 Use secure connection when communicating with EDSM
03 January 2017 Add Paste option to secure preference items (i.e. EDSM API key)
03 January 2017 Fix for occasional lockups when returning from settings and results pages
03 January 2017 Fix encrypted settings being lost when re-editing settings
02 January 2017 Fix missing "Done" text on trade results page on phones and landscape tablets
02 January 2017 Fix incorrect compatibility warnings for some devices due to APK size
26 December 2016 Improve performance of bulk price updates
26 December 2016 Fix many context-related crashes
26 December 2016 Fix for multiple account settings
26 December 2016 Fix some crashes when putting app into background during bulk download.
13 December 2016 Fix colours in Settings on Android 7
13 December 2016 Fix "Admiral" federation rank text (was "Outsider")
11 December 2016 Re-enable Login buttons after login failure. Fix full logout not requiring re-authentication.
11 December 2016 Fix authentication issues on Android 7
05 December 2016 Fix crash on CMDR page when CMDR is in debt
05 December 2016 Fixes for various crashes
05 December 2016 Disable voice selection on Samsung due to a bug in Samsung's version of Android
25 November 2016 Fix crash when showing a timed dialog after the app has been dismissed using the Home button
24 November 2016 Fix for several crashes in Nav tab when pressing Home while downloading.
24 November 2016 Fix for crash when retrieving stored password when no username is available.
24 November 2016 Potential fix for crash in nav pane when switching tabs while a query is running.
24 November 2016 Potential fix for crash when evaluating trade routes.
24 November 2016 Fix crash when doing a full logout when not logged in.
24 November 2016 Partly fix bug when comparing mismatched values in any grid. Extra reporting added to discover the base cause.
24 November 2016 Fix crash when opening SpeechPreferences on a device which doesn't fully support speech
19 November 2016 Fix crash after dialog if you are logged out by Frontier
19 November 2016 Show a clear error message if there is a network error while authenticating with Frontier.